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Statistical Consulting -- Reviews


"Doc Edge has been working with my research group at UC Berkeley as a statistical consultant since October of 2014. In this role, he has been invaluable in helping my staff, students, and postdocs deal with complex statistical issues that arise in our multi-method (physiology, behavior, self-report), longitudinal studies of emotional functioning in normal aging, neurological disease, and caregivers. Doc’s patience, insights, and statistical knowledge are legendary, and he has quickly become an integral part of our research efforts." -Bob Levenson, Professor of Psychology, UC Berkeley


"Doc provides statistical advice that is extraordinarily thoughtful, well-grounded, and rigorous. His thought process is focused and incisive, and he arrives almost immediately at the heart of a problem. His recommendations are uniformly well laid-out and easy to understand; his explanations are lucid yet never dumbed-down. He is consistently warm and approachable. Every time I have worked with him on a problem I have left feeling immensely grateful, relieved, and empowered by a better understanding of the problem at hand." -Carolyn Fredericks, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor of Neurology, Stanford University


"Doc helped our firm design a study and analyze data to evaluate a new product. Throughout the process, he worked to understand our most important questions, identified state-of-the-art methods for addressing those questions, and clearly explained the strengths and limitations of our statistical options. Doc's help was instrumental to the project's success and in educating our staff so we could speak knowledgeably about the development and testing process." -Maria Mindlin, founder, Transcend Translation Services


"What impresses me most about Doc is his quick understanding of complex questions and his ability to translate that understanding into actions such as carefully scrutinizing and statistically analyzing data, implementing technical solutions, and effectively communicating complex ideas in simple language. Doc has been a major contributor to every project he has worked on with us here at Stanford." -James Gross, Professor of Psychology, Stanford University


"I've worked with Doc on a series of statistical analyses.  He is absolutely brilliant, but also incredibly good at explaining his statistical choices in plain English. I highly recommend him!" -Sheri Johnson, Professor of Psychology, UC Berkeley


"Doc conveys his understanding of statistics in accessible language and with humility, kindness, and humor. In every project I have worked on with Doc, his approach has helped the rest of us relax and expand our statistical horizons. I had never before encountered anyone with the combination of Doc's depth of mathematical/statistical talents and striking pedagogical skills to relay this knowledge. His remarkable abilities became a great asset to us, and he has never disappointed in getting me unstuck or in helping me explore new statistical methods and analyses." -Viveka Ramel, PhD; Sevitar and San Francisco Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

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