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In 2016, I completed my PhD in Stanford's biology department, advised by Noah Rosenberg. From 2017-2020, I was a postdoctoral researcher with Graham Coop at UC Davis. Since 2020, I am faculty in Quantitative and Computational Biology at the University of Southern California. I develop and use mathematical, computational, and statistical approaches to questions in genetics. Lately I have focused on the intersections of population genetics with the genetics of complex traits and with forensic genetics. 

I'm also interested in the teaching of statistics. I have written an introductory statistics textbook for beginning graduate students and advanced undergraduates, called Statistical Thinking from Scratch. It was published by Oxford University Press in 2019. You can order it from the publisher, from Amazon, or from your favorite bookstore. You can also read the review in Trends in Ecology and Evolution (behind a paywall) here. Code and supplementary material are available on Github.

Before 2012, I studied the role of emotion in mood disorders, working with Sheri Johnson at UC Berkeley and with James Gross at Stanford.


The origin of my name: My full name is Michael Donald Edge. My parents named me that way so that my initials would be "M.D." and they could call me "Doc," which is what I've always been called.

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