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For an up-to-date list of papers, see Google Scholar. I publish under my legal name, Michael D. Edge. The list of papers below has links to pdfs but is updated less frequently.

My book, Statistical Thinking from Scratch, was published in 2019 by Oxford University Press. The review in Trends and Ecology and Evolution is here (paywall). Code and supplementary material are available on GitHub.

Publications in genetics

MD Edge & G Coop (2019). Attacks on genetic privacy via uploads to genealogical databases. bioRxiv.


J Kim, MD Edge, A Goldberg, & NA Rosenberg (2019). Assortative mating and the dynamical decoupling of genetic admixture levels from phenotypes that differ between source populations. bioRxiv.

MD Edge & G Coop (in press). Donnelly (1983) and the limits of genetic genealogy. Theoretical Population Biology.


NA Rosenberg, MD Edge (in press). Genetic clusters and the race debates: A perspective from population genetics. To appear in The Race Debates from Metaphysics to Medicine, QNJ Spencer (ed.), Oxford University Press.


MD Edge & G Coop (2019). Reconstructing the history of polygenic scores using coalescent trees. Genetics, 211:235-262 bioRxiv version. pdf.

J Kim, MD Edge, BF Algee-Hewitt, JZ Li, & NA Rosenberg. (2018). Statistical detection ofrelatives typed with disjoint forensic and biomedical loci. Cell, 175:848-858. pdf.

MD Edge, BFB Algee-Hewitt, TJ Pemberton, JZ Li, NA Rosenberg (2017). Linkage disequilibrium matches forensic genetic records to disjoint genomic marker sets. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA, 114: 5671-5676. pdf.


JTL Kang, A Goldberg, MD Edge, DM Behar, NA Rosenberg (2016). Consanguinity rates predict long runs of homozygosity in Jewish populations. Human Heredity, 82, 87-102. pdf.

BFB Algee-Hewitt*, MD Edge*, J Kim, JZ Li, NA Rosenberg (2016). Individual identifiability predicts population identifiability in forensic microsatellite markers. Current Biology, 26: 935-942. pdf. supplement.

*=co-first author

MD Edge, NA Rosenberg (2015). A General Model of the Relationship Between the Apportionment of Human Genetic Diversity and the Apportionment of Human Phenotypic Diversity. Human Biology, 87: 313-337. pdf.


MD Edge, NA Rosenberg (2015). Implications of the apportionment of human genetic diversity for the apportionment of human phenotypic diversity. Studies in the History and Philosophy of Science Part C, 52: 32-45. pdf.


RG Winther, R Giordano, MD Edge, R Nielsen (2015). The mind, the lab, and the field: On three population concepts in biology. Studies in the History and Philosophy of Science Part C, 52: 12-21.  pdf.


MD Edge, NA Rosenberg (2014). Bounds on F[ST] in terms of the frequency of the most frequent allele and total homozygosity: The case of a specified number of alleles. Theoretical Population Biology, 97: 20-34. pdf.


MD Edge, P Goroochurn, NA Rosenberg (2013). Windfalls and pitfalls: Insights from population genetics in the search for disease genes. Evolution, Medicine, and Public Health, 1: 254-272. pdf.


M Jakobsson, MD Edge, NA Rosenberg (2013). The relationship between F[ST] and the frequency of the most frequent allele. Genetics, 193: 515-528. pdf.

Publications in psychology and other fields

MD Edge, SJ Lwi, SL Johnson (2014). An assessment of reactivity to frustration of goal pursuit in euthymic bipolar I disorder. Clinical Psychological Science. pdf.


MD Edge, SL Johnson, T Ng, & CS Carver (2013). Iowa gambling task performance in euthymic bipolar I disorder: A meta-analysis and empirical study. Journal of Affective Disorders, 150: 115-122. pdf.


MD Edge, CJ Miller, L Muhtadie, SL Johnson, CS Carver, N Marquinez, IH Gotlib (2013). People with bipolar I disorder report avoiding rewarding activities and dampening positive emotion. Journal of Affective Disorders, 146: 407-413. pdf.


JR Kuo, IG Edge, W Ramel, MD Edge, EM Drabant, WM Dayton, JJ Gross (2012). Trait rumination is associated with enhanced recollection of negative words. Cognitive Therapy and Research, 36: 722-730. pdf.


SL Johnson, MD Edge, MK Holmes, CS Carver (2012). The behavioral activation system and mania. Annual Review of Clinical Psychology, 8: 243-267. pdf.


EM Drabant, W Ramel, MD Edge, LW Hyde, JR Kuo, PR Goldin, AR Hariri, JJ Gross (2012). Neural mechanisms underlying 5-HTTLPR-related sensitivity to acute stress. American Journal of Psychiatry, 169: 397-405. pdf.


EM Drabant, JR Kuo, W Ramel, J Blechert, MD Edge, JR Cooper, PR Goldin, AR Hariri, JJ Gross (2012). Experiential, autonomic, and neural responses during threat anticipation vary as a function of threat intensity and neuroticism. Neuroimage, 55: 401-410. pdf.


T Carthy, N Horesh, A Apter, MD Edge, JJ Gross (2010). Emotional reactivity and cognitive regulation in anxious children. Behaviour Research and Therapy, 48: 384-393. pdf.


MD Edge, W Ramel, EM Drabant, JR Kuo, KJ Parker, JJ Gross (2009). For better or worse? Stress inoculation effects for implicit but not explicit anxiety. Depression and Anxiety, 26:831-837. pdf.

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