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Statistical Consulting


I offer statistical consulting to clients in both academics and industry. I enjoy working with people on a wide array of problems in many different areas--past clients have worked in archaeology, biology, psychology, medicine, neuroscience, earth sciences, physics, education, and other fields.


Services: I can work with you at all stages of the research process, including:


  • Study design

  • Power analysis

  • Probabilistic modeling

  • Data processing and cleaning

  • Exploratory analysis

  • Estimation

  • Hypothesis testing/inference

  • Prediction

  • Data display

  • Written or oral presentation of results.


Software: I'm fluent in R and familiar with Python, Stata, and SPSS.


Reviews: To read about the experiences of others I've worked with, click here.


Contact: To inquire about working with me, please email me at


md [my last name]  [at] ucdavis [dot] edu


I look forward to hearing from you.

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